Against the Mainstream Consulting Concept

Navigating Business Challenges Smoothly

From the fastest-emerging technologies to evolving customer expectations, businesses nowadays are more at a disruption risk than ever in the past. Whether you are facing challenges with your internal processes or looking for a proven business strategy tailored to your vision, BrainHunch is here to help you.

We offer unmatched business consulting services that help you adapt to the market's dynamics and stay competitive. Our advanced technological tools help minimize or prevent any potential disruption in your business operations. Our business consulting and advisory services provide the following assistance to your organization:

  • Increase your profits and revenue
  • Reduce costs when reviewing supplier arrangements
  • Clearly and precisely identify your business goals
  • Expand your market reach, and implement a success-oriented and effective marketing approach
  • Improve your pricing strategy/model
  • Provide new products or services to your customers
  • Define your growth strategies and establish key milestones
  • Resolve challenges by implementing smart solutions
  • Set up valuable KPIs to track and measure your business performance
  • Optimise your financial and operational processes to enhance efficiency & effectiveness
  • Improve your systems infrastructure
Business Consulting

The BrainHunch team provides you with a competitive edge to start, grow and scale your business. Our team includes SMEs, Process consultants, Business Consultants, Solution Consultants, Application Consultants market researchers, certified practising accountants, chartered accountants, graphic designers, industry experts, and digital marketing consultants. We combined our knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to drive your business towards success.

Industries We Serve

Our approach and access to industry research and trends enables us to serve virtually all industries. We actively work with the following industries





E-Commerce & Online Retailers


Infrastructure & Construction Services


Logistics & Transport

Supply Chain

Sport, Fitness & Recreational Services

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

We have established a reputation of consistently delivering quality results to our clients. We develop and maintain long-term working relationships with all our clients by offering the highest quality services. Instead of taking a template approach, we personalize each project with a customised approach. We first understand your business model, pricing model, labor model, value proposition, and sales and marketing model. Based on that, we come up with a tailored structured framework that maximises your business success.

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