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Android devices are more widely used when compared to iOS devices. That is why if you have got a mobile app idea, then it makes sense to consider deploying the idea as an Android app as well.

BrainHunch specialises in comprehensive Android App development. We take pride in our experienced team that can work with you, starting from the initial app ideation to the final delivery of the app. We make sure you have an unmatched and excellent UX and UI impression on your customers.

Why Choose BrainHunch?

  • Advanced Technologies: Our skilful and experienced Android application developers work using only the latest technologies and methodologies. So the end product you get is what’s new, best, and trending. We use the best practices for both UX and UI design.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We have a cross-functional team that works hard and brainstorm to understand your customers and their needs. We make it easy for you by providing an unmatched Android app tailored to your business.
  • Quality Assurance: Our dedicated QA team comes onboard for monitoring the design and development of your mobile application. We ensure that bugs, errors, and any kind of failures are not allowed to enter in your app at any stage.
  • Low Turn-Around Time: At BrainHunch, we understand that every second matters a lot for you and your business. So, we start right away after gathering your requirements and deliver you excellent results in no time.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: We always stay in touch with you. Our QA assistance team offers you 24/7 technical support throughout the life of the app delivered to you.

Android App Development Services

BrainHunch’s expertise, combined with our determination makes us deliver the following services to our clients:

  • Customized Native Android Application Development
  • Advanced UX and UI designs
  • Client-Server Based Android App Development
  • Advertising Signboard Application Development
  • Designing and Prototyping
  • Customized tablet, Android wearable App development
  • Android App Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Mobile Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile Productivity Application Development
  • Testing and QA
  • Round clock Maintenance and Support

We can design and develop all types of Android apps, including social media apps, on-demand services apps, payment gateways, music apps, Android widgets, utility apps, you name it.

To facilitate flexibility and customization with our Android apps, we make UI smoother along with extraordinary frameworks.

Regardless of what type of business you own, we assure you improve customer engagement with our customized Android apps that help target large audiences.

Get in touch with our Android team to discuss how we can help you.