Technology here to stay, so we are.

Today’s multifaceted, dynamic enterprises are enabled by equally multifaceted applications. The two - enterprises and applications - drive the effectiveness of each other.

BrainHunch helps you develop and implement enterprise applications that work efficiently and improve your business operations and performance. We take pride in our global network of focused practitioners that help enterprises tackle their biggest challenges with enterprise applications.

We also specialize in enterprise applications that are critical business IT systems. These systems lead to increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction. It helps your organisation stay ahead in the highly competitive business environment. If you choose BrainHunch, you get proper integration and alignment with the latest SAP technologies. We offer managed and hosted services covering the complete solution stack. Our team analyses the client’s existing application and infrastructure. Based on that, we come up with an innovative solution to increase your agility at reduced costs.

With collective experience of 40 years from the leadership team in IT, BrainHunch offers comprehensive services to streamline your IT strategy. Our IT consulting services provide information security assurance and ensure effective digital transformation for enhanced digital customer experience.

We come up with a strategy tailored to your unique business needs and long-term goals.

Crisis management consulting

Planning, Response and Management Services

In today’s highly competitive and interconnected world, companies may face a myriad of internal and external threats that may disrupt business operations.

BrainHunch can help manage crises for clients across various industries and geographies. We prepare our clients for unexpected events and respond quickly when troubles arise, thus protecting a company’s reputation.

Our client preparedness plan includes:

  • Situation assessment
  • Scenario planning
  • Crisis communications management plan
  • Communications mobilization
  • Training and testing

IT strategy consulting

Integrated IT Strategy for your Business

IT is not just a technical function. Business leaders need to align their IT systems, IT processes, and IT organizations from a business perspective. This will help them to navigate through all challenges that come due to long-term growth, sudden acquisitions, competitive disruption, etc.

With vast experience and expertise in both technology and IT consulting, our IT strategy consultants facilitate integrated IT strategies for your organization.

Our tailored approach to IT strategy involves the following activities:

  • Business and IT alignment
  • The current state analysis of your IT infrastructure
  • The future state analysis of your IT infrastructure
  • Designing an IT strategy roadmap tailored to your business

Digital Transformation

Embrace the Digitalisation of Business to Succeed

We choose the best technologies and help enterprises find new innovative ways to transform their business models. We operate in various domains including construction, telecoms, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, etc., and deliver reliable IT solutions focused on the industry specifics.

We will accompany you throughout your IT journey no matter your digital maturity level. We will help you select and deploy the most profitable technological innovations to improve the experience of your customers and employees.

Here is how we help:

  • Support and coach wherever necessary
  • Define a customized transformation approach for your organisation
  • Enable the creation of new capabilities and skills

Digital Customer Experience Consulting

Deliver Client-Centric, No-to-low-Friction Experiences

In today’s digitalized world, personalizing customer interaction is key to success. With our proven digital customer experience consulting, we identify potential areas in the customer journey and provide clients with actionable recommendations. The ultimate goal of our digital customer experience consulting is to integrate innovative digital touchpoints seamlessly and consistently.

Our services for your digital customer experience are:

  • Sales excellence
  • Service excellence
  • Innovative selling
  • Omnichannel management
  • Customer relationship management

Let’s streamline the realization of your idea! We start with signing an NDA and a short intro session. Then, according to your project’s needs, we draft the IT strategy for you, including system integration such as CRM, BI, etc.

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